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Youtube Mutant Giant Spider Dog

Mutant Giant Spider Dog

YouTube’s most popular video of 2014 was Mutant Giant Spider Dog


S.A. Wardega, a Polish actor, director and Web prankster, scored the top spot with “Mutant Giant Spider Dog,” which had scared up more than 113 million views since he posted it in September.

In it, Wardega films people in everyday situations into which he unleashes his otherwise cute dog, Chica, wearing a costume that gives the pooch eight giant, creepy spider legs.


It wasn’t without a dose of controversy.

“Someone reported a SpiderDog video to the prosecution claiming that threatening (sic) endangered the life of the people who were there,” Wardega, whose first name is Sylwester, wrote in September on his Facebook page. “I wonder who will go to jail? Me or Chica? Or maybe a spider costume?”



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