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The Importance of Having A Website for Your Business

Importance of Website for your small business. A website will broaden your base of customers, members, distributors or suppliers.

How to get followers on Instagram

How to get followers on Instagram

How to get followers on Instagram in Nigeria

Social Media Promotion in Nigeria


We all know social media is an extremely important part of online marketing when it comes to building a customer base, search engine rankings, and brand recognition. As a major player, Twitter and Instagram are one of the most essential and popular social media networks regularly used around the world.


Buy Automatic Twitter Retweet
Buy Automatic Twitter Retweet


Obtaining a high number of followers is a landmark aim of several Instagram and Twitter users. Getting those followers is not always easy however, with our Instagram and Twitter promotional plan, you too can make a compelling web presence on the site and make a positive difference to your sales and profits. We have several packages for individuals, companies, and corporations.







Web Design Company in Nigeria. Webcore Nigeria

Web Design Company in Nigeria

What is Website Design


Design is a plan produced to show the look and function of an object before it is made.

Website design is a comparable procedure of creation, with the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages, which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser.


Fundamentals of Website Design

Website design uses a lot of the same key visual elements as all types of design such as:

Content: Content and design can work collectively to enhance the message of the site through visuals and text. Written text should always be relevant and useful, so as not to confuse the reader and to give them what they want so they will remain on the site. Content should be optimized for search engines and be of a suitable length, incorporating relevant keywords.

Graphics: Graphics can include logos,

Webcore Nigeria Free YouTube Video Downloader at one click. The best YouTube Downloader supporting fast and easy.

YouTube Video Downloader




How to Use Free YouTube Downloader


  • From YouTube copy the URL of the video you want to download by highlighting it and clicking CTRL/C.

Webcore Nigeria Free YouTube Video Downloader at one click. The best YouTube Downloader supporting fast and easy vimeo, Facebook and Dailymotion video















  • Place the cursor inside the little box that says “Video ID or URL” and click CTRL/V for pasting URL.


Webcore Nigeria Free YouTube Video Downloader at one click. The best YouTube Downloader supporting fast and easy vimeo, Facebook and Dailymotion video



  • Click “Download” button.
  • Select the Output format to your desired format (Mp4, Webm, X-flv, 3gpp etc.)
  • Save the video.



Described in this article  is an easy,

Google is becoming a wireless carrier

Google is becoming a wireless carrier

5 stunning stats about Google



Imagine one day buying an Android smartphone not through Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile — but with Google Wireless. That day could be coming soon.

Google (GOOGL, Tech30) will start selling cell phone service along with its Android phones, according to multiple news reports. This has been a long time coming.

For years, Google has been assembling just about all the pieces it needs to become a mobile provider.





The search giant already makes the most-used mobile software on the planet, it designs and sells phones online, and it has become an Internet service provider with its Google Fiber initiative. It even has its own VoIP phone service called Google Voice, which allows people to get a Google phone number and call people through Gmail or Hangouts over Wi-Fi.

Smarter people use iPhones - study

Smarter people use iPhones – study

Are you an iPhone user? Congratulations! You’re probably smarter than the Android owner sitting next to you.



A new study conducted by online advertising network Chitika found that states with more college graduates tend to also have higher iPhone sales.


Alaska (66%), Montana and Vermont have the largest percentage of iPhone users. New Mexico (41%), Iowa and Delaware have the lowest share of iPhone sales per capita.

Notably, Chitika found that increased wealth is also linked to greater iPhone sales — but since college degrees also correlate with higher incomes, Chitika says those results are redundant.





Other studies have found similar results. Rich, white males tend to buy more iPhones, particularly in the first weeks that they go on sale.

In the first month of sales,

Microsoft's Bill Gates insists AI is a threat

Microsoft’s Bill Gates insists AI is a threat

Humans should be worried about the threat posed by artificial Intelligence, Bill Gates has said.


The Microsoft founder said he didn’t understand people who were not troubled by the possibility that AI could grow too strong for people to control.

Mr Gates contradicted one of Microsoft Research’s chiefs, Eric Horvitz, who has said he “fundamentally” did not see AI as a threat.

Mr Horvitz has said about a quarter of his team’s resources are focused on AI.

During an “ask me anything” question and answer session on Reddit, Mr Gates wrote: “I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence. First the machines will do a lot of jobs for us and not be super intelligent. That should be positive if we manage it well.



“A few decades after that though the intelligence is strong enough to be a concern.

Nigerian Music - Reminisce Ft. Olamide x Phyno – Local Rappers (Prod. Tyrone) Downloads, Latest Music Videos, Audio

Music – Reminisce Ft. Olamide and Phyno – Local Rappers (Prod. Tyrone) Downloads, Latest Music Videos, Audio

Reminisce Ft. Olamide & Phyno – Local Rappers (Prod. Tyrone)










Reminisce hits us with this brand new single, ‘Local Rappers’ in which he features Olamide and Phyno. This line up will definitely get any crowds attention.

Beat produced by Tyrone @tatatyrone 

Mastered by INDOMIX @indomixng





Feel free to share your thoughts.

Nigerian Music - Reminisce Ft. Olamide x Phyno – Local Rappers (Producer. Tyrone) Downloads, Latest Music Audio










Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, known by his stage name Reminisce aka ALAGA IBILE is a Nigerian singer, rapper, and song writer from Ogun State.

Microsoft Sparta web browser features leaked

Microsoft Sparta web browser features leaked

Microsoft Sparta web browser features leaked








Microsoft’s plan to replace its Internet Explorer browser was leaked late last month but there has been no word on it apart from a single blurry screenshot that does not reveal any features of the browser. Until now that is.


Images of the replacement for Internet Explorer, codenamed Spartan, have been leaked by technology website Neowin. The images show the new design language adopted by Microsoft as well as a few features of the upcoming browser.


The leaked images show the UI of Spartan, which shows the favicon, name of the website and a small ‘X’ to close the tab on top. The design of the tabs is characterized by sharp edges, a departure from the look of the tabs in the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Facebook acquires video startup QuickFire

Facebook acquires video startup QuickFire

 Facebook acquires video startup QuickFire






Social network operator Facebook said it bought QuickFire Networks, a startup that helps view high-quality video with low bandwidth.


QuickFire announced the acquisition on its blog on Thursday.


Facebook and QuickFire did not disclose the terms of the deal.


Facebook’s acquisition of the video technology company comes a day after it said in a blog it averaged more than 1 billion video views every day since June 2014.





Google loses US search share, Yahoo rises

Google loses US search share While Yahoo rises

Google loses US search share, Yahoo rises








Google saw its share of the US Internet search market slip to its lowest ever mark, while Yahoo notched its highest share in five years, an independent analytics firm said Thursday.



In December, Google handled 75.2 per cent of US online search referrals, down from 79.3 per cent a year earlier. That score is its lowest since 2008, when StatCounter started tracking the data.



Google nevertheless remains the US leader in the search market by a wide margin, ahead of Microsoft’s Bing at 12.5 percent and Yahoo at 10.4 per cent — its highest score since 2009.



Yahoo, whose chief Marissa Mayer has repeatedly stressed that the company remains devoted to the search market that it pioneered but which Google grew to dominate,

Onome Ilovhogie Nomzzzy top hip hop dancer in Nigeria Shekini Official Video Guinness made of black

Top Nigerian hip-hop dancer Onome Ilovhogie a.k.a Nomzzzy

Popular hip-hop dancer Onome Ilovhogie a.k.a Nomzzzy


Please follow @elohothedon on Instagram for updates


He is on the music videos of almost every successful Nigerian artiste and he is popular even far beyond these shores.

michael jackson moonwalk Onome Ilovhogie Nomzzzy top hip hop Krumper dancer in Nigeria African Shekini Official Video Guinness made of black choreographer, krumper, dance instructor and entertainer














Onome Ilovhogie, famously known as ‘Nomzzzy’ is a hip-hop dancer, choreographer, krumper, dance instructor and entertainer.

Born in Lagos Nigeria he moved to Kaduna as a child.

Nomzzzy began dancing in high school. He eventually moved back to Lagos where he started his dancing career where he joined a hip-hop dance crew. This team performed in major entertainment events.

Onome Ilovhogie Nomzzzy top hip hop dancer in Nigeria Africa Shekini Official Video Guinness made of black


NASA designs ape-like robot for disasters - Webcore Nigeria

NASA designs ape-like robot for disasters

NASA designs ape-like robot for disasters




When we imagine the robots of the future, they often look and move like humans, standing up on two legs and using a pair of arms to grab and move objects. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is working on a different kind of robot for disaster response that’s designed to move like an ape.


Headless but covered with seven cameras that act as “eyes,” the RobotSimian has four identical limbs that do double duty as arms and legs. Together, they ably move the robot across rough terrain and rubble but can also pick up and manipulate objects. It has wheels it can coast on if the surface is smooth enough.




The RoboSimian is JPL’s final entry into the DARPA Robotics Challenge, a 27-month-long competition among some of the world’s top robotic talent to create an emergency response robot.

Internet Explorer must die 2015, 2014

Internet Explorer must die

If you think Microsoft should just kill off Internet Explorer already, you might just get your wish.


The browser has become synonymous with bugs, security problems and outdated technology. Even as Internet Explorer has improved dramatically in recent years, it continues to lose serious ground to rival browsers.


Once the most-used Web browser, Internet Explorer had been on a steady downward trajectory for years. Its share of the browser market fell below the 50% threshold in 2010 and sank below 20% in October, according to browser usage tracker StatCounter. Google’s (GOOGL, Tech30) Chrome is currently the browser leader, commanding a 48% share of the market.


This summer, Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) promised big, upcoming changes for Internet Explorer. Now, it appears those changes could include the once-unthinkable: Replacing IE with a new browser.

Gmail access blocked in China 2014 2015 Google

Gmail access appears to be blocked in China

Gmail activity has flat-lined in China, raising suspicions about further government censorship of the Internet.



Gmail traffic in China tumbled to near zero on Dec. 26 and hasn’t budged since, according to Google’s transparency report.


Dyn Research, a group of scientists that reports on Internet issues, tweeted that the Chinese government had deliberately blocked Gmail in China, according to its analysis. The research group also said that “blocks” of Google served from Hong Kong have shut down throughout the country.


Google (GOOGL, Tech30) and China have had a testy relationship since 2010, when Google pulled its business out of the country. Google’s websites are no longer served in China; instead, its servers reside in Hong Kong, which is not subject to the same censorship laws that the rest of China is.


Google Unveils 'Complete' Driverless Car

Google Unveils ‘Complete’ Driverless Car

Google Unveils ‘Complete’ Driverless Car

Google has built its first fully functioning self-driving vehicle and it will be driving the streets of California in the New Year.

The search engine giant posted a picture of the bubble-shaped car on its website with the message: “The vehicle we unveiled in May was an early mockup – it didn’t even have real headlights!

“Since then, we’ve been working on different prototypes-of-prototypes, each designed to test different systems of a self-driving car – for example, the typical “car” parts like steering and braking, as well as the “self-driving” parts like the computer and sensors.

“We’ve now put all those systems together in this fully functional vehicle – our first complete prototype for fully autonomous driving.”

The company added that the car will be driven over the Christmas period on a test track before heading out onto the roads of northern California.




A safety driver will be onboard to “oversee the vehicle for a while longer,

North Korea Hacked? State's Internet Cut

North Korea’s Internet

So, North Korea’s Internet went down. What is it like anyway?



For most North Koreans, it’s nonexistent. There are only 1,024 known IP addresses in the entire country. The Internet is typically reserved for government officials, a few foreign ambassadors and outside assistance groups, according to a North Korean defector-turned-journalist.

By comparison, the United States has 1.5 billion IP addresses.

It’s important to note that it’s not one IP address per device, so there could be thousands of devices hooked up to the Internet in North Korea. Still, it has one of the smallest Internet presences in the world.

All sorts of devices are hooked up to the Internet there, however. There are a few Sony PlayStations and XBoxes, and some of those ubiquitous voice-over-IP office phones, too. Researchers have even spotted a MacBook — one single Macbook — connected to the world-facing Internet.

Companies like Apple (AAPL,

Google now displays song lyrics in search results

Google now displays song lyrics in search results

Google is starting to show the full text of song lyrics in search results.

It’s a clean and quick solution to the current messy method of looking up lyrics. Song lyric sites are notoriously slow, and they inundate you with pop-up ads.

The feature, which rolled out last week, seems to be in testing mode. Google doesn’t display text for most songs. For instance, it only works with 4 of the top 10 classic rock songs considered the best of all time: “Another Brick in the Wall (Part II),” “Freebird,” “Layla” and “Stairway to Heaven.”

Google’s song results also link back to Google Play, where you can buy and download the song.

By displaying the full text of songs, Google could doom sites like and

A Google (GOOG) spokesman provided an enigmatic comment about its new feature — a reference to Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook Says They Are Thinking About A Dislike Function

Mark Zuckerberg Says They Are Thinking About A Dislike Function


Facebook is thinking about adding a way to “dislike” posts on its site, founder Mark Zuckerberg has said.


Speaking at a Q&A session in California, he said it was one of the most requested features the social network receives from its users.


He said the site would need to find a way to make sure it did not become a way to demean people’s posts.


According to Facebook’s own figures, 4.5 billion “likes” are generated every day.



“A lot of times people share things on Facebook that are sad moments in their lives. Often people tell us that they don’t feel comfortable pressing ‘like’ because ‘like’ isn’t the appropriate sentiment.



Facebook thinking about 'dislike' function - ZuckerbergFacebook thinking about 'dislike' function - Zuckerberg.  Mark Zuckerberg Says They Are Thinking About A Dislike - Webcore Nigeria


Facebook is investing in artificial intelligence

Facebook Wants to Save You From Yourself and Your Drunk Selfies


Facebook is investing in artificial intelligence research to a potentially creepy end: The social network’s top minds want to build software that can do anything from read your status updates to warn you when you’re about to upload an embarrassing picture. Put another way, Facebook wants to stop you from uploading drunk selfies.



Zuckerberg- Facebook is investing in artificial intelligence - Webcore Nigeria


Let me just say that some of us like uploading drunk selfies. But a lot of users probably won’t like the slightly dystopian future when Facebook’s robots try to censor their content. The particular branch of AI research that would enable these kinds of features is known as “deep learning.” It’s an exciting field! However, Facebook’s ideas for how it would use deep learning technology just sound a little off.




Zuckerberg- Facebook is investing in artificial intelligence - Webcore Nigeria


Instagram now bigger than Twitter - Webcore Nigeria

Instagram now bigger than Twitter

Instagram hits 300m monthly users to take it ahead of Twitter


Instagram has told Newsbeat it has the potential to “change the world” as it announced it has overtaken Twitter with 300 million users.


The company’s CEO Kevin Systrom described the milestone as “exciting” and said the company would “continue to grow”.


Twitter claims to have 284 million users accessing the network each month.


Facebook, which boasts 1.35 billion monthly active users, bought Instagram in 2012.


Speaking to Newsbeat ahead of the announcement, Kevin Systrom said: “Instagram is about seeing a live pulse of the world right now, it’s not just about taking a photo of a cute baby or a cute dog.”


Instagram is also introducing verified accounts similar to the blue tick symbols used by Facebook and Twitter.


Instagram now bigger than Twitter - Webcore Nigeria
Kevin Systrom (CEO,
Inception Virus Hits European Governments - Webcore Nigeria

Inception Virus Hits European Governments

‘Inception’ Virus Hits European Governments

Experts have said the spying bug was made by people with a “great deal to lose if their identities were made public”.


An “extremely sophisticated” piece of malicious software has targeted embassies, financial institutions, oil companies and military bases across the globe.


Security Company Blue Coat says the virus, which the researchers have dubbed “Inception”, began by targeting Russian organizations, but spread to nearby countries including Ukraine and Uzbekistan, before hitting Europe.


Companies and institutions in Germany, France, Italy and Belgium have been affected.


The software, which spans 60 mobile networks, is delivered by highly targeted phishing emails, contained in Trojan documents.


Experts named the virus after the 2010 movie with the same name – because of the many layers used in the software design.


Snorre Fagerland, senior principal security researcher at Blue Coat,

Youtube Mutant Giant Spider Dog

Mutant Giant Spider Dog

YouTube’s most popular video of 2014 was Mutant Giant Spider Dog


S.A. Wardega, a Polish actor, director and Web prankster, scored the top spot with “Mutant Giant Spider Dog,” which had scared up more than 113 million views since he posted it in September.

In it, Wardega films people in everyday situations into which he unleashes his otherwise cute dog, Chica, wearing a costume that gives the pooch eight giant, creepy spider legs.


It wasn’t without a dose of controversy.

“Someone reported a SpiderDog video to the prosecution claiming that threatening (sic) endangered the life of the people who were there,” Wardega, whose first name is Sylwester, wrote in September on his Facebook page. “I wonder who will go to jail? Me or Chica? Or maybe a spider costume?”

New, kid-friendly versions of Google search and YouTube could be in the works for the tech giant.

Google for kids coming soon

New, kid-friendly versions of Google search and YouTube could be in the works for the tech giant.


A Google search for “train” brings up a link to the closest Amtrak station, but chances are that’s not what an eight-year-old is searching for. Kids are probably more interested in Thomas the Tank Engine than the most up-to-date commuting schedule.


That may be why Google is working on new, kid-friendly versions of some of its services.

They could be new versions of search, Chrome and YouTube, according to a report by USA Today, but the company would not say definitively what products it is working on or when they would launch.

Google will make them safe for children 12 years old and younger and give parents tools to oversee their kids’ actions, Google’s Pavni Diwanj told USA Today.

She said the company expects some controversy over the change,

How to make your Wi-Fi faster

How to make your Wi-Fi faster

5 ways to make your Wi-Fi faster


Tired of slow Wi-Fi? Fear not: Faster Wi-Fi speeds are possible

Wi-Fi is a temperamental technology, and a simple oversight can negatively impact browsing speeds.

Unfortunately, changing your router’s settings is rarely fun. But many routers come with apps that take much of the head-scratching out of the process.

If you’re brave and determined enough, here are five tips to make your Wi-Fi faster.


1) Choose the right channel and frequency. Did you know that your Wi-Fi router has channels? Sometimes, just changing the channel on your router can make a world of difference, particularly if you live in an apartment building with lots of interference from other Wi-Fi signals. Other technologies like cordless phones and microwaves can interfere with Wi-Fi as well.

Try channels 1, 6 or 11. If those don’t work, go to 2 or 10 next.

Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind

Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind

Stephen Hawking warns artificial intelligence could end mankind


Prof Stephen Hawking, one of Britain’s pre-eminent scientists, has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence.


He said:”The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

His warning came in response to a question about a revamp of the technology he uses to communicate, which involves a basic form of AI.


But others are less gloomy about AI’s prospects.

The theoretical physicist, who has the motor neurone disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), is using a new system developed by Intel to speak.


Machine learning experts from the British company Swiftkey were also involved in its creation. Their technology, already employed as a smartphone keyboard app, learns how the professor thinks and suggests the words he might want to use next.

FBI warns of hacking threat after Sony attack - Webcore Nigeria

FBI warns of hacking threat after Sony attack

FBI warns of hacking threat after Sony attack


The five-page confidential warning was issued to US businesses on Monday, according to Reuters news agency.

The warning follows a confirmation from the FBI that it is investigating last week’s hack into Sony Pictures Entertainment’s network.

The FBI report did not name any victims in its latest warning, Reuters said.

The software would make it impossible to recover any lost data, the FBI warned.

Someone Made a Keyboard That Is Nothing but a #Hashtag -Webcore Nigeria.

Someone Made a Keyboard That Is Nothing but a #Hashtag

Someone Made a Keyboard That Is Nothing but a #Hashtag


No matter how insulting the hashtag is to the world’s language purists and social media skeptics, the little symbol is here to stay. And now it’s moving on up in the world, with its own Kickstarter project for a dedicated keyboard.

The London-based project was started by former community manager Ben Gomori, who — as his bio puts it — knows “how annoying it can be not having a hashtag key.”

The gadget, called HashKey, is simple. One end is a USB cable that plugs into the port of your laptop, and the other end is a single, suspiciously-Apple-inspired key with a hashtag on it. That’s it.



Five-year-old boy passes Microsoft exam - Webcore Nigeria

Five-year-old boy passes Microsoft exam

 Five-year-old passes Microsoft exam


A boy from Coventry has become the youngest computer specialist in the world.

Ayan Qureshi is now a Microsoft Certified Professional after passing the tech giant’s exam when he was just five years old.

Ayan, now six, whose father is an IT consultant, has set up his own computer network at home.



He said he found the exam difficult but enjoyable, and hopes to set up a UK-based tech hub one day.

“There were multiple choice questions, drag and drop questions, hotspot questions and scenario-based questions,” he said



“The hardest challenge was explaining the language of the test to a five-year-old. But he seemed to pick it up and has a very good memory,” explained Ayan’s father Asim.

Mr Qureshi introduced his son to computers when he was three years old. He let him play with his old computers,

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